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ICAMD 2017

The 10th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices ICAMD 2017 December 5(Tue)~8(Fri) Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea

ICAMD 2017 December 5(Tue)~8(Fri) Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Jeju, Korea


Plenary & Invited Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Luke Lee @ UC Berkeley, USA "Quantum Biological ICs for Predictive Digital Health"
2 Philip Kim Harvard Univ., USA "Excitons in van der Waals Heterostructures"
3 Quanxi Jia SUNY Buffalo, USA "Epitaxial nanocomposite complex metal oxide films: a pathway for exotic properties"
4 Yoshichika Otani Univ. of Tokyo, Japan "Spin currents and spin conversion phenomena"
5 Peidong Yang UC Berkeley, USA "CO2 + H2O + Sunlight  = Chemical Fuels  + O2"
6 Franky So North Carolina State Univ., USA "Vertical Transistors for Sensors and Memory Device Applications"
7 George Crabtree Argonne National Laboratory, USA "Storage at the Threshold: Li-ion Batteries and Beyond"
8 Hui Cao Yale Univ., USA "Harnessing Disorder for Photonic Applications"
9 Han Woong Yeom IBS-CALDES, Korea "Solitons in atomic wires for topological computation"

Invited Speakers

2D + vdW nano
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Jeil Jung University of Seoul, Koera "Carrier density and strain tunable magnetism in 2D transition metal chalcogenides"
2 Dong-Keun Ki Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland "New physics in engineered graphene nano-electronic devices"
3 Hu-Jong Lee POSTECH, Korea "Strong proximity coupling in vertical and planar graphene-based Josephson junctions"
4 Jaedong Lee DGIST, Korea "Proposal of novel 2D semiconductors : transition metal nitride halide"
5 Sung-Kwan Mo Berkeley Lab, USA "Electronic structures of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides"
6 Levente Tapaszto Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary "The ambient oxidation of 2D MoS2 basal plane and its catalytic implications"
7 Søren Ulstrup Aarhus University, Denmark "Spatially-resolved band mapping and tunable many-body effects in two-dimensional van der Waals heterostacks"
8 Katsunori Wakabayashi NIMS, Japan "Edge and Topological Effects on Graphene and Related Nanomaterials"
9 Zijian Zheng Hong Kong Polytech Univ., Hong Kong "Textile-based energy storage devices"
Nanomaterials, nanodevices and nanotools
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Matt Beard National Renewable Energy Lab, USA "Tuning of the Band Edge Energies in PbS Colloidal films by 2.0 eV"
2 Taeyoung Choi Ewha Womans University, Korea "Coherent quantum control and magnetism on atoms on surfaces"
3 Seungbum Hong KAIST, Korea "Visualization of Emerging Phenomena: Materials Imaging Initiative"
4 Jungho Kim University of Wollongong, Austrailia Nanoarchitectures of Si-based Anode for Li-ion Batteries
5 Coskun Kocabs Bilkent University, Turkey "Graphene based adaptive surfaces: from visible to microwave"
6 Jani Kotakoski University of Vienna, Austria "Atomic-scale manipulation of 2D materials with ion and electron irradiation"
7 Jieun Lee Ajou University, Korea "Electrical generation of valley magnetization in MoS2"
8 Andrey Rogach Hong Kong City University, Hong Kong "Colloidal Nanostructures for Light Harvesting and Light Generation."
9 Evgheni Strelcov NIST, USA "Ion transport at the nanoscale in solids: the scanning probe approach"
Organic electronics and photonics
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Byung Doo Chin Dankook University, Korea "Inkjet Printed OLEDs with New Hole Transport Materials and Optimum Solvent Formulation"
2 Axel Fischer TU Dresden, Germany "Electrothermal feedback in organic devices: From LEDs to transistors, and solar cells"
3 Hisao Ishii Chiba University, Japan "High-Sensitivity Photoemission-Related Techniques for Organic Films and Interfaces: Bridging Electronic Structures and Practical Device Properties"
4 Tsukagoshi Kazuhito NIMS, Japan "Self-assembled hetero-structure based on two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides for 2D-electronics"
5 Jun Yeob Lee Sungkyunkwan University, Korea "Device approach for improved lifetime in phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes"
6 Bjoern Luessem Kent State University, USA "Doped Organic Transistors: From Inversion- to Electrochemical Transistors"
7 Hiroyuki Yoshida Chiba University, Japan "LUMO levels of organic semiconductors"
Oxide heterostructures and electronics
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Hans Boshker MPI Stuttgart, Germany “Conductivity and ferromagnetism in atomically thin SrRuO3”
2 Gustau Catalan ICN2, Spain "Bending oxides"
4 Gervasi Herranz ICMAB-CSIC, Spain "Structural distortions in perovskite oxide heterostructures: a tale of two modes"
5 Jinhee Kim KRISS, Korea "Tunnel junctions made of STO/LAO oxide heterostructure"
6 Shinbuhm Lee DGIST, Korea “Epitaxial growth of VO2 polymorphs”
7 Hiromichi Ohta Hokkaido University, Japan "Thermopower of oxide heterostructure"
8 Wilfrid Prellier CNRS-Caen, France "Chemical strain engineering of PrVO3 thin films"
9 Akihito Sawa AIST, Japan "Interface engineering in ferroelectric tunnel junctions for memristive applications"
10 Lingfei Wang Seoul National University, Korea "Atomic scale control of ferroelectricity and tunneling conductance in ultrathin ferroelectric films"
11 Ambrose S. Seo Univ. of Kentucky, USA "Tuning the Dimensionality of Strongly Correlated Materials between 1D and 2D"
Emerging energy materials and devices
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Mowafak Al-Jassim NREL, USA "Nano-scale Investigation of the Luminescent, Structural and Chemical Properties of Defects in CIGS and CdTe Solar Cells"
2 I-Wei Chen University of Pennsylvania, USA "Mesoporous 3D tubular graphenes and beyond"
3 Ilya Grinberg Bar-Ilan University, Israel "First-principles and atomistic molecular dynamics studies of photovoltaic properties, domain wall dynamics and relaxor behavior in ferroelectric perovskite oxides"
4 Kornelius Nielsch Leibniz Institute, Germany "The Importance of 3D Topological Insulator for Thermoelectric Applications"
5 Jun Hong Noh Korea University, Korea "Oxide-Halide Heterojunction in Perovskite Solar Cells"
6 Byungha Shin KAIST, Korea "Development of highly efficient and stable Cu(In,Ga)Se2 photocathode and BiVO4 photoanode for photoelectrochemical water splitting"
7 Jae Sung Son UNIST, Korea "High performance shape engineerable thermoelectric materials"
8 Yanfa Yan University of Toledo, USA "Substituting lead in organic-Inorganic halide perovskite thin-film solar cells"
Photonics, plasmonics and metamaterials
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Hong-Gyu Park Korea Univ., Korea "Photon-triggered nanowire transistors"
2 Wenshan Cai Georgia Institute of Technology, USA "Nonlinear metamaterials"
3 Hyunyong Choi Yonsei University, Korea "Ultrafast coherent exciton dynamics in atomically-thin ReS2"
4 Tie Jun Cui Southeast University, China "Spoof surface plasmonpolaritons in microwave: From components to circuits and systems"
5 Zheyu Fang Peking University, China "Plasmonic hot electrons doping of 2D Materials"
6 Thomas Kempa Johns Hopkins University, USA "Structured solid-state materials and devices based on anisotropic nanostructures"
7 Joun-Ho Lee LG Display, Korea "Wide color gamut through light management with a cost effective method.”
8 Jinghua Teng NTU, Singapore "High tolerance hologram and optical vortex manipulation by photon nanosieve"
9 JeongWeon Wu Ewha Womans University, Korea "Charge-transfer dynamics tuned with metamaterial structures as solvent analogues"
Spintronics and magnetic materials
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Geoffrey Beach MIT, USA "Skyrmion dynamics, nucleation, and stability in ultrathin metallic Heterostructures"
2 Gyung-Min Choi SungKyunKwan University, Korea "Ultrafast spin generation using femtosecond laser in metallic systems"
3 Pietro Gambardella ETH Zurich, Switzerland "Time- and spatially-resolved measurements of current-induced magnetization switching induced by spin-orbit torques"
4 Young Keun Kim Korea University, Korea "Spin-orbit torque materials and devices for nonvolatile memory applications"
5 Takashi Kimura Kyushu University, Japan “Spin absorption effects due to various functional materials”
6 Mathias Kläui University of Mainz, Germany "Spin – Orbitronics: chiral spin structure dynamics due to spin-orbit effects"
7 Christopher H. Marrows University of Leeds, U.K "Single skyrmion detection using electrical transport in a Pt/Co/Ir multilayer disc"
8 Kungwon Rhie Korea University, Korea “Spin Hall effect and a geomagnetic sensor”
Nano-medical physics
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Rong Fan Yale Unversity, USA "Single-cell functional proteomics: small devices for big impact"
2 Ki-Hun Jeong KAIST, Korea "Biologically Inspired Photonic Devices for Advanced Endoscopic Imaging"
3 Seung-Kyun Kang KAIST, Korea "Biodegradable Intracranial Pressure Monitor for Traumatic Brain Injury"
4 Jin-Woo Kim University of Arkansas, USA “Programmable molecular/nanoscale building blocks for advanced nanotheranostics in vivo”
5 Jeong-O Lee KRICT, Korea "The effects of micropillar arrays on cells"
6 Jinyao Tang The Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong "Light powered microswimmer-towards more controllable nanorobot"
7 Kyung-Mi Lee Korea Univ., Korea "PLGA-Nanofiber Scaffolds as a platform carrying Tumor Antigen-Specific Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in vivo"
Bioelectronics, biophotonics, and biophysics
Name Affiliation Presentation Title
1 Aaron H. P. Ho Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong “Trapping of micro-objects and live cells with localized heating induced by optical absorption”
2 Claire Hur Johns Hopkins University, USA "Microfluidic vortex-assisted electroporation integrated with label-free cell purification"
3 Takayuki Nishizaka Gakushuin University, Japan "Development of optical-microscope techniques for single-molecule biophysics and their application to microbiology"
4 Changi Pack Asan Medical Center, Korea "Fluidic property of cellular microenvironment quantified by standard fluorescent proteins and nanoparticles"
5 Hyokeun Park HKUST, Hong Kong "Real-time single-particle tracking of STIM and Orai in live cells"
6 Kyunghwa Yoo Yonsei University, Korea "Dielectric imaging for differentiation between cancer and inflammation in vivo"
7 Jun Zhang Sun Yat-sen University, China "Enhancement of dynamic range and contrast of swept source optical coherence tomography using multi-level detection"


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